The Zands and Iran
A documentary including the works of
European and Iranian historians, scholars
diplomats on the Zands in Iran.

Provided as an illustrative example of
how Iran would be when its beliefs,
values and culture find expression in
government. How it would be under a

Left : Karim Khan Zand

"Attorney of the People"

Sovereign of Iran 1750-79

Portrait of Karim Khan from
Sir John Malcolm, ca. 1810,
British Ambassador to Iran.

From "an engraving in the Palace".

History of Persia
, Sir John Malcolm,
Volume II, First Edition, 1815.
"The happy reign of this excellent prince, as contrasted with those who preceded and
followed him, affords to the historian of Persia that kind of mixed pleasure and repose,
which a traveller enjoys, on arriving in a beautiful and fertile valley, during an arduous
journey over barren and rugged wastes".
                                                   - Sir John Malcolm, British Ambassador
Eternity of Iran